Discover a Different Kind of Borrowing Option

Personal loans are a different breed from cash loans, payday loans, and title loans. For one, a personal loan typically has more specific requirements than shorter-term forms of borrowing. Some lenders might require a solid credit rating, for example, in order to qualify for installment services. Additionally, they generally have longer terms than title and payday loans. For instance, it usually only has a term of a few weeks, whereas installment alternatives or a personal line of credit might extend for months or even years. Read on to learn what makes this form of borrowing unique and what form is right for you.

Features to Consider

This type of service is similar to a cash advance in that it provides relatively small sums of money. However, they generally tend to offer larger amounts than standard cash advances. Likewise, they often stretch multiple payments over a longer period of time than payday loans. With installment loans, for example, a borrower might make monthly payments for 24 months. A personal line of credit would work much the same way. The qualification criteria for personal loans, also known as signature loans, may also be more involved and require a certain credit standing. By contrast, cash advances typically ignore credit history.

Borrowing Options

These services come in a number of variations, but these different types have the same general characteristics and payment structures. One possible option is a credit line, which extends funds to a borrower up to a maximum predetermined amount. For instance, a lender might offer a line of credit of $2,000, which means the consumer may borrow any amount up to that limit, and he/she must repay with interest only the amount borrowed. These services function in much the same way but tend to extend the full amount of the funds up front, unlike a credit line. For example, an installment, or term loan, might give the borrower $2,000 in cash up front to be paid back in specified monthly installments for a year.

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