Speedy Cash Options

Speedy Cash Options for Everyone

When you need fast cash, the last thing you need or want to do is to wait anxiously while your lender processes your application materials for days on end. For one, the waiting itself is a nerve-wracking process that compounds the stress of a tense financial situation. Additionally, we understand that many borrowers simply may not have the luxury of waiting days and days for their quick cash loan to come through. The typical payday loan borrower has exigent financial matters to which to attend, and many times, those matters can't wait.

For these reasons, LCL remains dedicated to connecting our visitors with the most experienced and efficient providers of quick loans in the industry. We've collaborated with our affiliates to streamline and expedite every step of the payday borrowing process. Read on to find out why Large Cash Loans and its affiliates are the leading providers of fast cash loans.

Pre-Qualification for Fast Cash

This is the stage of the process where LCL plays the most prominent role, so we have taken it upon ourselves to see that our pre-qualification/loan request procedure is the most streamlined available on the Web. When you are ready to get cash now, you will complete our online form so we can match you with the right provider. As you will see once you view the form, we require only the most elementary information requisite to connect you with the appropriate quick cash loan product and a suitable lender.


Approval Decision

With many lenders, you have to wait at least a day if not more to receive an approval decision. This is not the case at LCL—we partner only with lenders who can offer you instant payday loan approval decisions. While instant cash loans are not possible, instant online approval is. Once you submit all your application materials to your lender, most of our affiliates will let you know if you're approved and, if so, for how much within 30 seconds to one minute after the submission. Once approved, you can quickly proceed to the next step of the fast cash loan process.

Disbursement via Electronic Wire Transfer

After the approval process is complete, you could have your funds as soon as one business day depending on when you submitted your application. You are more likely to get quick cash loans if you apply during your lender's normal business hours. In the online cash advance industry, a processing time of one business day is the closest thing to a same day payday loan as you will find. The nature of the logistics involved with the EFT (electronic funds transfer) process necessitate at least one day of processing due to the authorization protocols. The EFT process is explained in detail below. If your financial situation is so pressing that you need a truly instant payday loan, you might be better-served by visiting a brick-and-mortar payday lender.

Our lending affiliates will wire your quick cash to your checking account electronically through the EFT process. The EFT process is similar conceptually to the wire transfer, but rather than an exchange of actual money taking place, and exchange of data occurs. An EFT usually occurs through the infrastructure of an entity such as Automated Clearing House, which is affiliated with the Federal Reserve and specializes in direct deposit, credit, and debit transactions. In any EFT transaction, there is always an originator and a receiver. With regard to fast payday loans, the originator is your lender, and you are the receiver, courtesy of your financial institution.

To initiate an EFT, the originator must first receive your authorization to credit and debit your checking account according to the terms specified in the agreement you sign. Your financial institution must then process this authorization to allow your lender access to your checking account. The entire process takes place fairly quickly, but the various steps and coordinating take time, which is why, strictly speaking, there is no such thing as same day payday loans. Once you authorize your lender to complete the EFT, the lender will be able to electronically move funds into your account for instance access, and the lender will also be able to debit your account once the loan comes due.

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